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Expertise - Corlette Design - Sydney & Shanghai



Clarity of thought paired with flawless aesthetics – this is our philosophy. A clear framework for creative thinking enhances your brand’s effectiveness, differentiation, and market preference. We unearth powerful, research-based, strategic insights for practical application in your brand communications.

Brand audits
Brand purpose
Brand positioning
Brand architecture
Ideation workshops
Brand research


Building a great brand is about building emotional connections. Brand identity is a crucial aspect of any business – a meaningful, visually emotive representation of your vision and purpose. We create a holistic vision of your brand identity, illustrating how it can be effectively applied across every touchpoint.

Logo design
Brand collateral
Brand language
Brand guidelines
Brand culture


We seek to create beauty, clarity, and personality. Our bespoke graphic designs apply fluent aesthetics and insightful communication strategies to meaningfully connect with your intended audiences. We believe that good design provides a compelling point of difference for your organisation.

Hotel collateral
Digital branding
Environmental graphics
Art direction


The science of applied wayfinding seeks to move, navigate, and inform people in the unfamiliar, built environment. Strategic wayfinding harmoniously integrates intelligent design into its surroundings, communicates with intent, encourages exploration, inspires confidence, and guides people. We focus on ensuring accessibility to all, regardless of language or physical ability.

Wayfinding strategy
User journeys
Location plans
Accessibility assessment
Room number strategy
Bill of quantities
Message schedule


Signage is an opportunity to not only inform and instruct, but to ignite the senses and truly connect to people. We merge brand expression, standards, and form to create beautiful, high-quality, flexible signage solutions. We apply our extensive knowledge of exterior, interior and digital signage solutions to bespoke one-off solutions, kit-of-part systems, and urban planning.

Bespoke designs
Kit-of-parts systems
Urban planning
Technical documentation
Supervision services
Authority approvals


We create experiences to remember. Our multi-sensory brand experiences are based on your vision and purpose, connecting your staff, guests, customers, and stakeholders to an authentic brand experience. If your objective is to alert, engage, educate, entertain, inform, invite, tease, or simply converse, we design to inspire, influence and change behaviours.

Branded spaces
Brand activation
Brand engagement
Art consulting